Native Plants Shine

The garden showcases a vibrant array of native plants. Almost 1,000 plants of over 20 different species make up this masterpiece, specially designed to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.
Why native plants, specifically? Planting native plants for pollinators is crucial because native species have evolved alongside local pollinators, providing them with the nectar, pollen, and habitat they need to thrive. Unlike non-native plants, natives are better adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, ensuring a consistent and reliable food source for pollinators throughout the seasons.

When selecting plants for pollinators, it’s essential to choose a diverse range of flower colors and blooming periods to attract a wide variety of pollinator species, as different pollinators are drawn to different colors and flower shapes. It is also important to choose flowers that bloom at various times of the growing season.

Clearview Farm’s Illinois-shaped pollinator garden prioritizes a careful curation of native species that considers diversity of color and bloom time. From vibrant reds and blues to soft yellows and purples, our garden showcases a wide range of flower colors that cater to the preferences of various pollinators. Additionally, we’ve strategically chosen plants with staggered blooming periods, ensuring a consistent source of nectar and pollen from early spring to late fall. This thoughtful approach not only enhances the beauty of our garden but also provides a year-round haven for pollinators, supporting their crucial role in our local ecosystem.

  Common Name Bloom Period Bloom Months Bloom Color
Flowers Cream Wild Indigo Early April-June Cream
Golden Alexander Early April-June Yellow
Marsh Marigold Early April-June Yellow
Wild Geranium Early April-June Purple, Pink
Common Spiderwort Early, Early-Mid April-July Blue
Foxglove Beardtongue Early-Mid May-July White
Pale Penstemon Early-Mid May-July White
White Prairie Clover Early-Mid May-July White
Pale Purple Coneflower Mid June-July Purple
Butterflyweed Mid June-Aug Orange
Swamp Milkweed Mid June-Aug Pink
Culver’s Root Mid, Mid-Late June-Sept White
Mountain Mint Mid, Mid-Late June-Sept White
Purple Prairie Clover Mid, Mid-Late June-Sept Purple
Wild Bergamot Mid-Late July-Aug Pink
Dotted Mint Mid-Late July-Sept Purple
Marsh Blazingstar Mid-Late July-Sept Purple
Narrowleaf Mountain Mint Mid-Late July-Sept White
Turtlehead Mid-Late July-Sept White
Purple Coneflower Mid-Late, Late July-Oct Purple
Gray Goldenrod Late Aug-Sept Yellow
Rough Blazingstar Late Aug-Sept Purple
New England Aster Late Aug-Oct Purple
Showy Goldenrod Late Aug-Oct Yellow
Smooth Blue Aster Late Aug-Oct Blue
Stiff Goldenrod Late Aug-Oct Yellow
Grasses Little Bluestem
Prairie Dropseed
Prairie Junegrass
Side-Oat Grama