Early season crop growth (What to look for at Clearview Farm)

We have crops at many stages right now at Clearview Farm. We have two crops, wheat and triticale, which were planted last fall and are nearing their reproductive stages in the plant cycle. We expect to harvest the triticale as a forage for cattle later this month or in early June. Wheat harvest should occur around the 4th of July. It is our intention to plant a second crop after these crops are harvested. There will be some second crop soybeans and a crop of Buckwheat planted as soon as we can get into the fields in July.

The crops planted in early April are in their early vegetative stages. The oats are most visible right now and are growing very quickly. We see growth of an inch or two each week. The alfalfa and red clover, which are inter-seeded with oats, are growing as well but are much harder to identify right now. When the oats are harvested near the end of July, the red clover and alfalfa will remain for the rest of the year. They may be harvested once before yearend.

The flax and canola that were planted in early April are easy to find as well. While they are small right now, they are growing rapidly. We expect them to flower sometime in early June. The flax (blue flowers) and canola (yellow flowers) are spectacular and will be a potential show stopper for visitors.

We are now planting the remaining spring crops. Sweet corn, popcorn and sunflowers were planted on May 2nd. We expect them to emerge in the next ten days and begin their growth towards flowering and harvest later this summer.

Still to plant are the following crops: White Corn, Soybeans, Sorghum, Gourds, Millet, Indian Corn and Quinoa. We hope that the weather gets better so we can plant them in the next ten days. Time will tell. The fun is about to begin at Clearview Farm!