Clearview Farm and Carle’s Community Health Initiatives partners to bring sweet corn to the community

By: Jonathan Woods, Carle Community Health Initiatives

Each year Carle’s Community Health Initiatives (CHI) partners with Clearview Farm to harvest sweet corn and distribute it on the Mobile Market. Team members from Carle as well as volunteers for Clearview Farm join in picking sweet corn by the trailer load to distribute the golden Midwest treat to thankful families and households across our community. With Clearview Farm’s vision to exceed expectations that enhance as many lives as possible, it makes for a perfect partnership with CHI services to find a way to bring healthcare out into the community such as having fresh, locally-grown, produce available on the Mobile Market. As someone that grew up in a farming community, I personally loved the opportunity to get out to the corn field on a couple early mornings and have an opportunity to serve others in this unique way. This year, the harvest was so plentiful that Carle was not only able to supply the Mobile Market with sweet corn, but we were also able to deliver generous portions of the sweet corn to Restoration Urban Ministries and the Hope Center Food Pantry!

The Carle Mobile Market provides access to fresh and nutritious foods around our community as well as some common household goods and personal hygiene items. Working with farmers, growers, and gardeners, we distribute fresh, and nutritious food in neighborhoods that do not have the immediate access to a grocery store. To learn more about Carle’s Community Health Initiatives like our Mobile Market, you can visit us at the following website: