Harvesting Crops, Harvesting Memories

Harvesting Crops, Harvesting Memories As November fades away, so does the bustling activity of crop harvests. Still, December brings a new type of harvest– a harvest of memories cultivated throughout the year. In celebration of these two annual milestones, we’ve compiled a collection of crop and memory harvests from 2023.   Harvests of Crops (click […]

Clearview Farm and Carle’s Community Health Initiatives partners to bring sweet corn to the community

Carle's Mobile Market bus

By: Jonathan Woods, Carle Community Health Initiatives Each year Carle’s Community Health Initiatives (CHI) partners with Clearview Farm to harvest sweet corn and distribute it on the Mobile Market. Team members from Carle as well as volunteers for Clearview Farm join in picking sweet corn by the trailer load to distribute the golden Midwest treat […]

Everything you need to know about the Sunflowers!

The fan-favorite sunflower maze is open in Champaign, Illinois for everyone in the community to enjoy! This year’s maze is in support of Eastern Illinois Foodbank– even the design! This year’s design incorporates two logos: Eastern Illinois Foodbank and sunflower maze sponsor, Hickory Point Bank.

When will the sunflowers bloom? Unraveling the Magic of Nature

Are you curious when the sunflowers will bloom? So are we! The majestic sunflowers certainly have a way of holding us all in anticipation of their debut. While experience is writing us a book of clues, predicting the precise moment when sunflowers will bloom is no easy feat.

Pollinator Garden coming to Clearview Farm

Pollinator Garden Map

Coming to Clearview Farm in Fall 2023… a Native Pollinator Garden shaped like the heartland we call home, Illinois! With over 900 plants comprised of 20+ native species, this garden is a pollinator’s dream come true. Winding river rock channels will mirror the river routes of Illinois as they carry water throughout this living Illinois landscape.

What are we growing this year at Clearview Farm?

Clearview Farm is pleased to present our crop map for the 2023 season! Highlights for the farm this year are, of course, the usual sunflowers and associated walking maze (this year’s design will be revealed at a later date), sweet corn, wheat, field corn, and soybeans.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

In simple terms, regenerative agriculture is a land management technique that uses a holistic approach to regenerate our land and farm with the goal of improving soil and ecosystem health.

Why is soil condition so important?

Soils in Eastern Illinois are high in clay content. That is not a bad thing; it just means that we should take great precautions to work the soil when the moisture is right (in other words, dry).

A meaningful vision

In the fall of 2020, The Atkins Group was energized by the community’s gravitation towards a field of sunflowers they planted as a transition crop on Stone Creek golf course the prior summer.