Back to School Field Trips: An Educational Adventure at Clearview Farm

“Back to school” takes on a unique meaning at Clearview Farm– school field trips! As a supplement to classroom learning, we host student groups for educational adventures and tours at Clearview Farm. Already this fall, Clearview Farm has hosted several tour-style field trips, offering students a firsthand experience in the world of agriculture and science.

What sets Clearview Farm apart from the ordinary school day outing is the farm’s commitment to customization. Each tour is thoughtfully tailored to align with the students’ class studies. This personalization creates a dynamic learning environment that engages and inspires students.

Here are a few reasons why Clearview Farm’s back-to-school field trips are becoming a treasured tradition:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Instead of only reading about agriculture and science in textbooks, students get to see and experience it firsthand. They can interact with soils, witness crops, and explore the intricate ecosystems of a working farm.
  2. Alignment with Curriculum: Clearview Farm’s dedication to customizing each tour means that teachers can seamlessly integrate the field trip into their lesson plans. Whether it’s biology, environmental science, agriculture, or even history, the farm offers a rich tapestry of educational opportunities.
  3. Connecting with Nature: In today’s technology-driven world, spending time outdoors is more important than ever. Field trips to Clearview Farm allow students to connect with nature, fostering an appreciation for the environment and promoting outdoor activities.
  4. Memorable Experiences: The memories created during these field trips often last a lifetime. Students leave with a bolstered understanding of classroom curriculum as they see topics applied in agriculture and a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.

Topics to learn about during a visit to Clearview Farm are seemingly endless. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Soils
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Nutrients
  • Cropping Systems & Management
  • General Crop and Farm Knowledge
  • Consumer Education, Food and Product Origins and Choices
  • Pollinators
  • & More…

Clearview Farm’s commitment to education and the unique experience it provides make it a standout destination for back-to-school field trips. By blending experiential learning, customized curriculum alignment, and a deep connection to nature, Clearview Farm is sowing the seeds of knowledge and curiosity in the next generation of learners.