Coming Soon: Sunflower Harvest

Sunflowers– a stunning crop moving toward an exciting harvest.

We’re gearing up for sunflower harvest at Clearview Farm, something not typically seen as a part of Illinois’ traditional harvest landscape.

So, what does it look like? How do we prepare? What is next? Let’s dig into the details.

What does it look like?

We will harvest our sunflowers with a regular combine and soybean head, just like what we see in many Illinois soybean fields. The combine head rakes plants into the machine, which separates sunflower seeds from sunflower heads, stalks, and other plant material.

Then, seeds are dumped into a wagon and transferred into large boxes. These boxes serve as a means of transportation and storage (if applicable) until the sunflower seeds are ready for cleaning or other processing.

This year, we are collaborating with the Parkland College agriculture department for sunflower harvest!

How do we prepare?

Once the equipment is field ready, it is all about selecting the right time to harvest. We will wait for the sunflower seeds to be dry enough so that we do not have to dry them mechanically after harvest.

What’s next?

Our sunflower seeds will make Clearview Farm’s own brand of premium sunflower birdseed! After harvest, we will have the seeds cleaned, bagged, and distributed to local retailers (details to come).

We are thrilled to provide a locally produced birdseed, one that is grown, packaged, and distributed all within Champaign County, Illinois.