Pollinator Garden coming to Clearview Farm

Coming to Clearview Farm in Fall 2023… a Native Pollinator Garden shaped like the heartland we call home, Illinois!

With over 900 plants comprised of 20+ native species, this garden is a pollinator’s dream come true. Winding river rock channels will mirror the river routes of Illinois as they carry water throughout this living Illinois landscape.

Plants are curated so the garden will contain blooms throughout the growing season, providing pollinators with blooms during spring, summer, and fall.

Construction at Clearview Farm, located in NW Champaign, begins this summer, with plans to plant the garden this fall. The garden location is on the North side of Olympian Drive between Saber Drive and Champion Ave. The site will celebrate Illinois’ rich biodiversity, pollinators’ vital role in our ecosystem, and their importance in agriculture.

Upon completion, the community will be invited to visit, enjoy, and learn about plants and pollinators native to Illinois. Stay tuned for more details on the Clearview Farm blog later this week.