Welcome to Clearview Farm!

Welcome to Clearview Farm! This project has captured our imagination and excitement. We sincerely hope that it will be a place for people of all ages to enjoy, learn and imagine. Please watch as we unveil a season of colors through interesting and unique crops. The crops, while unique, will showcase possibilities for food, fuel and fiber. We want to educate, entertain, and excite young and old, urban and rural alike.

The farm is located south of St. Thomas More High School in Northwest Champaign. It is a series of fields that will combine to make a visually stunning display of flowers and colors. There will be 18 different crops from the standard soybeans and corn to alfalfa and sunflowers to flax and buckwheat. Each crop will have its own story to tell about how it has a use in our lives.

Clearview Farm offers an opportunity for all to explore, exercise and educate. Our farm is a one of a kind opportunity to see nature in a unique configuration. We will use regenerative agriculture principles to demonstrate how future sustainability is possible.

We invite you to come explore, take pictures, and learn about the future of agriculture. Follow us on Facebook (@ClearviewFarmIL), Instagram (@clearview_farm_il), and Twitter (@ClearviewFarmIL) to see when the colors unfold in the spring, summer and fall of 2021. Then, come visit us!