Wheat and Triticale – An Early Spring Marvel

What is forming that rich green carpet at Clearview Farm? How did it turn green before the last snowdrift had even melted away?

The vibrant green color observed in early spring at Clearview Farm is our wheat and triticale crops. Wheat is one of the world’s most prominent cereal grains, and triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. Both are commonly planted as winter annuals, appropriately referred to as winter wheat and winter triticale.

Winter wheat and winter triticale begin growing in the fall, endure winter conditions, and resume growth immediately in the spring. This early spring growth makes wheat and triticale one of the first plants to turn green each spring.

That’s right– even in the most desolate winter months, unique and distinctive crops occupied Clearview Farm. These hearty crops not only endure the snow and cold temperatures. Freezing is actually critical to triggering their reproductive stages, which form the grains we harvest.

Already green and rapidly growing this spring, Clearview Farm’s wheat and triticale crops will be ready for harvest in early summer.