Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)

About Red Clover

  • Red clover is a member of the legume family, grows one to two feet tall, and produces dark green foliage with small purple flowers.
  • Red clover is commonly used as a cover crop, a non-primary crop planted for the benefit of the soil, rather than for its harvestable product. As a cover crop, red clover adds nitrogen to the soil, prevents erosion, and provides several other benefits.

Fast Facts

  • Red clover can attract beneficial insects such as honey bees.
  • Red clover can be planted as a biennial in areas such as the northern U.S. and Canada and as an annual in areas like the southeastern U.S.


  • Cover Cropping
  • Forage, Hay, & Pasture
  • Human Supplements & Other Medicinal Uses