Wheat (Triticum)

About Wheat

  • Wheat is a cereal crop that belongs to the grass family and is a notable staple crop around the world.
  • Second to corn and soybeans, wheat is the third largest field crop in the United States. Kansas is the nation’s top producing wheat state.
  • The national average wheat yield is around 50 bushels per acre (1 bushel = 60 pounds).

Fast Facts

  • Each year, Kansas produces enough wheat to make 36 billion loaves of bread.
  • The U.S. uses about half of the wheat grown in the country.
  • Wheat is grown in 42 states


  • Human Consumption
    • Flour – bread, cakes, etc.
    • Wheat Bran – muffins, breads, breakfast cereals
    • Semolina — pasta, sweet puddings, couscous
    • And much more!

Wheat at Clearview Farm

  • Clearview Farm’s wheat will turn a golden color in mid to late June.
  • After harvesting in July, our wheat will be sold to a local elevator.
  • A crop of buckwheat will be planted after the wheat is harvested.